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ECL Productions

Canada’s #1 name in stand up comedy! 

Who is ECL Productions?

ECL Productions Inc. was founded in the spring of 2019 by Alex Mackenzie. Mackenzie is a stand up comedian/writer and producer. ECL Productions looks to solve two problems facing society today. At a time where it feels like the world is more divided than ever ECL believes that we can restore a sense of community and belonging through our stand up comedy events. Communities that laugh together build a strong bond of love and compassion. The second problem ECL looks to solve is funding for not-for profit organizations. ECL puts the “FUN” in Fundraiser. With our large talent pool of entertainers and professional production services ECL looks to give back to the communities it does business in with our Comedy for a Cause and Hungry for Laughs Tour Lines. 

Our Mission

ECL Productions mission is to provide world class comedy to large audiences across Canada while giving back to local not for profit organizations that we do business in. At a time where it feels like the world is more divided than ever ECL believes that we can start to rebuild that sense of community through Comedy and Charity work. ECL works with many not for profit organizations on a local level and loves giving back to the communities we do work in.

ECL also believes that Canada is home to some of the greatest comedic talents in the world. With a history of producing comedy legends such as Robin Williams, Norm Macdonald, Micheal Meyers, Russell Peters, Jim Carrey and many many more! ECL is looking to provide a platform for these amazing artists to get recognized and to be able to make a career out of entertainment here in this amazing country we call home

What to expect when attending

Hundreds of hours go into the production of our flagship events all to create a moment. When you’re in that moment, laughing with hundreds of people from your community you will feel a sense of Love and Belonging. After leaving, although there is nothing that you can hold in your hand, that moment will live on forever as a memory created with people you love.